1. Textile Processing
  • Tensionless open width Soping
  and Washing Range for Reactive
  print washing
  • Continuous Open width Bleaching
  Plant With Venus Roller Bed
  • Inclined and Semi-Inclined
  Pneumatic Padding Mangle.
  • Continuous open-width Dyeing
  • Multi-utilituy Coating Plant for
  Bath-mat, Curtain, Drape, Fabric
  & Carpets.
  • High Pressure Kier with Pre-
  heater and kier-Pilar. Back filling
  Machine, Scutcher Machine.
  • Slack Rope, Tight Rope Washing
  and Chemicking Machine.
  • Big batching Machine.
  • Vt-10 Dual Super Jumbo Jigger.
  • Winch Washers.
  • Double Spray Damping Machine.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic
  • Padding Mangle with Drying
  • Padding Mangle with Float dryer.
  • Fabric inspection tables
  Batching Trolleys and Batching
  • HTHP Dying Machine.
  • Continuous Two Tire Hank Pole
  Drying Machine.
  •Thread Soaping and Washing
  • Cabinet and Carrier type yarn
  Dyeing Plants.
  • Dumper Machine.
  • Hydro-extractor with standard
  A.C.or Inverter drive.
  • Chamber Dryers.
  • Hank Dyeing and Scouring
  • Multi Spindle thread polishing
  • Continuous Wool Scouring Plant
  with Conveyor Dryer.
  • Double Bool Crabbing, Sreaming
  and Cooling Machine.
  • Totally Enclosed Automatic Spray
  Hank Dyeing Machine for Wool/
  Acrylic & Silk yarn.
  • Cabinet, Carrier type Hank
  Dyeing Machine.
  • Loose Wool Dyeing Machine.
  • Continuous Hank Yarn Pole
  Continuous Carpet and Hank
  Dryer machine.
  • Milling machine.
  • Silk Auto Spray Hank Dyeing
  • Horizontal Roller Degumming
  • Rinsing Machine.
  • Continuous Steam Heated Silk
  Hank and Fiber Dryer.
  • Silk Calendaring Machine.
  • Continuous Hank Pole Dryer.
  • All S.S. Hudro-extractor with
  standard A.C. or Inverter drive.
• Bleaching Kier
  • Hydro Extractor
  • Cotton Opener
  • Continuous Conveyor Type
cotton dtyer
  • insulating dryer
• blunger
  • agitator
  • spacial type heater
All range of Textile Processing Machines

The Venus Engineering Co. has been manufacturing a wide range of Continuous Processing Plants for Scouring, Carbonizing, Bleaching, Dyeing & Print Washing for Cotton synthetic, Blended, Woollen and Delicate Silk Yarn , Fabric & Fiber. It has in a way revolutionized the Textile Wet Processing Industry in India and abroad.

"Venus" Print Washers and open width continues Bleaching Range with Combi Steamer incorporated with Jet Drum Washers, have proved their performance as Super Beaching Range and Super Washer for reactive Print Washing, which helps increase the washing efficiency and finish of fabrics to a greater extent. Those offers the latest technology for efficient washing of reactive prints and fine fabrics, keeping in tune with the rapidly changing fashion trade, always volatile by constantly updating their designs based on market feedback. The company designs and manufactures machinery to give most economic use of Water, Power & Steam energy. It provides additional energy saving machinery in the form of custom built heat exchangers etc....

"VENUS" known for their "Quality, Reliability, Rigidity and Simplicity." It is the first in the country to design and manufacture a modern Continuous Loose Wool Scouring Plant with Conveyor Dryer , besides supplied such units to leading woollen Mills in India like Raymonds Ltd. and Digjam vxl Ltd. as well as many other leading scouring & wool processing units in Amritsar & Bhadohi like Ms OBBTTEE ltd.,Eastern Exports, ABC Exports etc. Carpet Manufacturers and the same was also exported to the developing Countries.

According to Director, Mr. Rajiv Thakore, the company possesses a comparable technical knowhow for textile processing machine building from the reputed textile engineering industries of the world. In recognition of its performance in saving substantial foreign exchange, Venus had received "Import Substitution" award from the Gujarat Chembers of Commerce and Industry for developing "Wool Scouring Plant" indigenously & exporting the same also.

Most of the leading Sewing Threads manufacturing units in the country, including Madura Coats and Vardhman Group, are using the Venus Range of Machines for the last several years for Cotton Dyeing and also using conveyer type, Hydro extracting & Continuous Hank Pole Dryer Machine as well as fiber dryers.

Most of all leading Yarn Mills in India and small yarn dye house in South, Karur, Erode & Salem area are equipped with "VENUS" Continuous Hank Dryer, because of its low Steam & Power Consumption and high out put compared to other machiners available in the market.

Besides specializing in designing and manufacturing of machinery for different varieties of textile fabric, the company is successfully serving to the complete Handloom and Silk sector by supplying Auto Spray dyeing plants and continuous type Hank Dryer as well as Hydro-extractor, Rinsing & We are also supplying equipments for De-gumming equipments for Silk,Yarn and Fiber. Our Silk Processing Plants are supply to all leading export oriented units of India.

Most of all small & big dye houses of Wool and Carpet manufacturers of North India are using "VENUS" Yarn Scouring and Loose Wool Scouring Machine,Conveyer type Continuous Silk Hank & Fiber Dryer,countinues 4 meter wide carpet dryer & lataxing machine, S.S Hydro-extractor with invertor drive, Cabinet & Carrier dyeing Machines.

In nutshell "VENUS" is covering all sectors of Textile by supplyin machinery for Fabric, Fiber & Yarn for Cotton, Woollen, Blended, Silk & Woven.

The "VENUS" range of processing plants can be broadly classified in five major products categories as under :
(1) Textile Processing
(2) Silk Processing
(3) Woollen Processing
(4) Thread Processing
(5) Carpet & lataxing dryer
(6) Surgical cotton processing.

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